NOVATOP in visual quality meets REI up to 60 minutes!


The panels NOVATOP SOLID in visual quality meet the fire resistance parameters of up to REI 60 min for structures of the DP3 type; for structures of the DP2 type in combination with Fermacell, they reached the values of up to REI 60 min.

Thanks to the revaluation of fire resistance tests, conducted at by the company FIRES, the values with the panels NOVATOP SOLID 84 and 124 mm without cladding were increased by 15 minutes for structures of the DP3 type:
thickness of 84 mm from REI 30 to REI 45,
thickness of 124 mm from REI 45 to REI 60 min.

The extended application for structures of the DP2 type cladded with Fermacell reached the following values:
thickness of 84 mm + 10 mm Fermacell – REI 15,
thickness of 84 mm + 2x 12,5 mm Fermacell – REI 45
thickness of 84 mm + 2x 15mm Fermacell – REI 60 min.

Thanks to this classification, NOVATOP panels can also be used for construction of residential and industrial buildings, including buildings with increased demands on fire safety, such as schools or kindergartens. Individual segments of the construction can be optimized to the required dimensions.

The report on fire resistance classification (PKO) can be found in the downloads section.




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